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下载 Ravetree Project Management

Ravetree Project Management

Ravetree  (免费)

Ravetree is a project management platform that excels at team or collaborative development. Create task cards, add time tracking, and allocate them to people. Display and categorize tasks in the task board, drag and drop them into different columns.

Ravetree comes with an Agile toolkit that allows teams to run sprints, manage backlogs, create epics/user stories, and more. Communicate, tag people, and share files all from within a task.

Features Include:
  • Native Agile Capabilities
  • Client Portal
  • Real-time Milestone and Financial Visibility
  • Time and Progress Logs
  • Resource Planning

Overall, Ravetree Project Management provides a large number of tools that have the capacity to increase productivity and aid collaboration between workers.